Ever watched your pet roll on the ground, lick its coat or chew at a mat on its fur? These are ways of our furry friends keeping clean. Sometimes, though, they’ll need a little extra help from a friend to look his or her best. Come into our hospital to purchase a variety of shampoos designed to make your pet look fresh in clean. On our shelf, we currently offer:

  • ANM Cucumber Melon Flea/Tick Shampoo
  • Cherry Grooming Shampoo
  • ANM Sweet Pea Grooming Spray
  • ANM Raspberry Grooming Spray
  • ANM Cucumber Melon Grooming Spray

Medicated Shampoos such as:

  • Cortisoothe
  • Zymox
  • Phytovet C
  • Phytovet CK
  • Phytovet P
  • Relief
  • Sebolux